For serious athletes only!!!

The TNT cheer program is now looking to the future, and in an effort to increase skill level of our athletes, we have invested in Dr. Zach’s Cheer Athlete Development Program. As a gym, we are ready to take the next step to establish ourselves as serious contenders in this highly competitive sport. For those of you who have been with us, you have worked hard, and you have earned this moment.

Dr. Zach will be offering his program in the time between assessments and evaluations. The Cheer Athlete Development Program is for the physical demands specific to our sport, and it has been designed to increase your rating from assessment to evaluation.

ALL athletes are HIGHLY encouraged to take part in this program. I (Coach Becca) have personally worked with Coach Zach, and after investing myself in the program I can attest to the VAST improvement in my strength, power, and flexibility that your athlete will gain and then some!

The Cheer Athlete Development Program:

  • 7 week program + 8th week FREE to really lock in those improved skills
  • $42/athlete/class (Normally $72)
  • $576 Value for UNDER $300
  • PLUS access to Dr. Zach’s athlete portal which includes:
    • Going on vacation? NO problem! Train from anywhere!
    • Exercise video library where all exercises in the program can be reviewed
    • Messaging portal to ask Dr. Zach any question about your training
    • Assigned home exercise programs that can be track by both the athlete and Dr. Zach

How the program works:

Stage 1: Building the athlete

  • Muscle activation
    • Activating underutilized muscles 
    • Muscles specifically needed to perform cheer skills
  • Range of motion (flexibility)
    • Targeting the 5 factors to limit range of motion
  • Posture
    • Developing the body so that it is set up for maximum performance.
    • Plus your athlete will stand tall and proud.

Stage 2: Powering up “Cheer Muscles”

  • Strengthening
    • Newly activated muscles are pushed with increasing resistance training
  • Mechanics
    • Muscles are used to train athletic movements that are commonly done incorrectly
      • Squatting
      • Overhead lifting
      • Core stability

Stage 3: Unlocking the athlete

  • Functional skill training
    • Strength and movement patterns are combined in functional exercises that mimic stunting, tumbling among other cheer skills.
    • The athlete will how to generate force and how to utilize it so that they can hit their stunts and tumbling passes smoothly and with less effort. 

Stage 4: Unleashing the athlete

  • Skill integration 
    • The newly formed athlete learns to use their powerful cheer muscles in actual cheer skills.
      • Stunting, tumbling, jumps.


  • 2 monthly payments of $147
    • Payment 1 due before start of week 1
    • Payment 2 due before start of week 5

4 athletes/class


  • 4:00 – 5:00
  • 5:00 – 6:00
  • 6:00 – 7:00

*More classes will be made available as they fill up

How to sign up:

  1. Click link
  2. Fill out registration information
  3. Receive an email from Dr. Zach
  4. Accept class slot
  5. Add card information in “Payment” section
  6. Dr. Zach will create a dependent account for your athlete
  7. Dr. Zach will sign your athlete up for the 8 week program
    1. $147 charged upon initial sign up
    2. $147 charged before week 5
  8. Dr. Zach will schedule them for the 8 weeks
Lisa Coccaro: Andrew's Mom
Lisa Coccaro: Andrew's Mom
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“Dr. Zach has been working with my 17 year old son to help him overcome some tumbling mental blocks and the progress is amazing! Dr. Zach is extremely patient and very much cares about the safety and comfort of my son. He takes his time to explain the techniques and is constantly requesting feedback to measure progress on both a mental and physical level. I highly recommend bringing any athlete to Dr. Zach who is struggling with any kind of fear or self doubt. My son's confidence is growing with every visit! Thank you Dr. Zach! UPDATE: It's been 5 months since I originally posted this review and the difference is astounding. My son has not only overcome all of his fears, but his athletic ability has increased dramatically and the skills we are tackling now are at a much higher difficulty level. Looking back at this review, I am amazed at the progress we've made in such a short time. Definitely check out Unlimited Performance if you are needing some help. Dr. Zach will make it worth your time.”
Jason Richek
Jason Richek
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We've seen other PT in the past and some are great, but Dr. Zach specializes in athletics, especially for cheerleaders. Through getting to know Dr. Zach, we know he was a college cheerleader and understands the physical requirements for this sport. His first hand knowledge along with his training as a PT has certainly made him our go to for this type of training and rehab. I highly recommend Unlimited Performance and Dr. Zach for any PT, but especially for athletes, after an injury or just to gain new skills and become a stronger athlete.”
Judi Matias, Madeline Matias's mom
Judi Matias, Madeline Matias's mom
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"From the first group session we joined we knew Dr. Zack was different. We felt immediately his method was cutting edge. Dr. Zack made it very clear in that session and all the many sessions that have followed, at the root of every jump, tumble, stunt, strength training exercise, conditioning, the need for constant communication. The need for the fundamental understanding of not only of what your body can do but of what your MIND can do, when you realize that your performance in all areas of life are unlimited.":