2022-2023 Program Expectations

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TNT Elite All Stars Season 5 Program Expectations

Hello Family! Welcome to Season 5 at TNT Elite All Stars!

 We look forward to working with your athletes and coaching them to the best of their abilities. In order to do so efficiently and effectively the following expectations have been set in place.

All tuition and first program fee payments are due on the 1st of each month by TNT Gymnastics. All additional program fees and apparel fees will be paid to TNT Cheer Kids through tntallstarcheer.com. All athletes must have a working credit card on file for the duration the athlete is enrolled at TNT Elite All Stars. Failure to do so may result in removal from the team if fees and balance are not up to date at all times.

If an athlete chooses to quit or is asked to leave the program at ANY point there will be no refunds for ANY fees paid. The athlete will be charged a $350 Quitters Fee if the athlete quits or leaves the program after August 31st. TNT Elite All Stars expects the full team commitment for each team member for the entire season. If you do not feel you can commit to the full expectations of the team please reach out to the Director.

If your athlete is a team member there is no break in tuition payments or credits issued including injuries. All fees are non refundable. Athletes will not be eligible to participate in practice if there is an outstanding tuition balance.

If your athlete is an active team member there is no break in tuition payments or credits issued including injuries. Tuition is a yearly cost broken into 12 monthly payments so it is owed in its entirety by each team member for the year. Tuition is not prorated for ANY missed practice time.

Program fees and apparel fees are separate from tuition. Program fees are owed on a monthly cadence and are charged through tntallstarcheer.com. Apparel package fees are owed June- August and are to be paid through tntallstarcheer.com. If fees are not paid on time athletes may not be eligible to practice or compete until payment is received.

If you wish to leave the team you must send written confirmation to Dawn at tntgymnasticsnj@gmail.com 30 days prior to exit.


Full attendance at every practice is expected as every practice is mandatory. Written notification prior practice start to the Coach Rep or Coach Becca is required via private BAND/text/email. If prior notice fails to be made then it is assumed that an athlete will be working their spot in the routine. We also must be notified if an athlete may be late.  

If an athlete is absent it is expected that another athlete will be working in their spot in their absence. It is top priority to keep the team moving forward. No exceptions.

Athletes must be present for the entire practice the week of competition in order to be eligible to compete. No exceptions. Any athlete that misses a competition may be subject to removal from the team. No exceptions. Athletes that have missed repeated practices may not be eligible to compete and may result in removal from the team and there will be no refunds granted. No expectations. 

Athletes that are injured but are returning to the team are still required to attend practice so they are up to date with material upon their return and are expected to still attend competitions and other requirements of the team.

We highly recommend not scheduling vacations from January-April as we are in peak competition season and practices cannot be missed. Please expect additional weekend practices during January and periodically from February-April as they may be necessary to prepare for upcoming competitions. Please email any planned absences to Program Director Becca at coachbecca@tntallstarcheer.com as soon as you are aware so we can plan accordingly. 

Athlete and Parent Expectations:

TNT Elite All Stars is not responsible for any behavior that occurs outside of TNT Gymnastics or TNT Elite All Star activities including social media. TNT staff are not responsible for monitoring social media behavior unless it is negatively impacting the team and the team’s progress during practice hours. 

We promote respectful, inclusive behavior in the gym and expect our athletes to display that outside of practice time and do not tolerate any sort of negative behavior on the team. All athletes are expected to treat team members and staff with respect in the gym as well as on social media. Any social issues that occur outside of the team are expected to be handled in a respectful and timely manner outside of practice time. Those who are found in violation of these expectations will be removed from the team.

Athletes are expected and required to behave professionally and respectfully. There is a zero tolerance policy for profanity, violence, and lewd acts for TNT Elite All Star athletes and families. This includes physical, verbal, and digital. Those who are found in violation of these expectations will be removed from the team.

While TNT staff members will not be actively policing social media of athletes and parents, any concerns or allegations brought to our attention will be handled accordingly. Those who are found in violation of these expectations will be removed from the team.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please speak to a staff member directly and promptly. Please refrain from engaging on social media about any issues. 

Furthermore, any disrespect to a TNT staff member, parent, or athlete, whether verbal, physical, or via social media will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in your athlete being removed from the team.

It is expected that any issues or concerns be addressed with a staff member directly and promptly. We do our best to address concerns in a timely and professional manner. Any parent or athlete that consistently speaks negatively about the team, program, staff, or an athlete without addressing a staff member directly, especially after the issue has been discussed and addressed may be subject to be asked to leave the program as it is no longer a healthy fit. We take our program culture very seriously and work hard to protect it for our athletes and families. 

At TNT Elite All Stars we are a family and as part of our program, you too are members of our family. We take creating a positive environment for our athletes to grow, learn, and develop very seriously and expect all family members to treat it the same way.  

Emails and text messages are used to contact parents regarding updates and information relevant to TNT Elite All-Star Cheerleading.  Your email address and mobile phone number provided during registration will be used for this purpose throughout the season.  Please be sure to keep an eye on your email and text messages for these important updates.  Emails are typically sent about once a week, sometimes more during certain times of the year and text messages are typically about twice a month, sometimes more during competition season.  Your agreement to the program expectations consent to recieveing SMS messages to the phone number listed on your account.

Team Placement / Practice/ Routine Changes

Athletes are placed on a team suitable for their age and skill level at the discretion of TNT staff. While questions regarding your athlete’s progress and future are always encouraged, discussions regarding why your athlete was not placed on the team you or your athlete wanted will not be discussed. TNT staff will not engage in conversations regarding an athlete’s progress if said athlete is not your child. TNT Staff does not under any circumstances discuss another athlete with any other parent.

TNT Elite All Stars staff will not discuss any routine changes, adjustments, and position changes. TNT Staff creates teams and routines for the success of the overall team. Our goal is to make teams successful and competitive and will make the best decisions to support the success of the team.

Child Protection/Safe Sport

Here at TNT Elite each staff member is trained on Safe Sport. It is our duty to protect our athletes against any and all predators and we take the protection of our athletes seriously. If at any time your athlete feels uncomfortable with any staff member it is to be brought to the attention of the director immediately so that the necessary actions can be taken. TNT will open an in house investigation into the allegation and cooperate with the athlete and their family to the fullest capacity.

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