Season 4 Ends With A Bang

When we started this season, we weren’t sure what to expect.  We just finished a season where no one traveled anywhere, athletes wore masks and everyone was just going through the motions of show up to the gym, run through practice, and go home.

Season 4 started off on a little rocky, athletes getting sick, team merging and 2 teams not even making it to the first competition in December.  But, it’s all about the leadership and the leaders and coaches at TNT believe in our athletes and really pushed everyone into making the most of our season.  At the first few competitions, we had mask bags so athletes could safely store their masks while they perform and as time went on, this along with many other fears, all went away.

Throughout Season 4, our teams attended a total of 10 competitions.  It should have been 11, but we got snowed out at the end of January.  For the first time in TNT history, one of our teams even traveled outside the tri-state area.  Over the course of the first 9 competitions, our athletes racked up an impressive 33 banners, including: 

  • 17 – 1st Place Banners
  • 4 – National Champions Banners
  • 6 – Grand Champions

This is no easy feat and came with a lot of hard work, dedication and effort from our athletes, coaches, staff and parent support.

After our Spring Showcase on April 24, 2022, our Senior Prep Level 3.2 team, Xplosion took their 2nd trip of the season, first one was to Orange Beach, Alabama winning 1st place in the Orange Beach National Championship.

This trip was to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was highly anticipated by both athletes, coaches and parents.  This was the first time Spirit Brands was holding the North American Open and was expected to bring a lot of competition and a big challenge to our program. 

Everyone was able to stay at the amazing Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina right across the street from the convention center where the competition was to be held.  Athletes had a chance to practice some stunts Friday night before competition and really showed up ready for this competition.

Saturday morning rolls around and we get the first look at our competition and information about a new prize up for grabs at this event, cheer sneakers presented by No Limit Sportswear.  The stakes were high, and we needed everyone at 120% for an unforgettable weekend.

After Day 1, Xplosion earned Club Perfection and had zero deductions, the first step to victory.  Everyone got a chance to relax and spend time at the beach before getting a good night sleep and hitting the floor for Day 2.

On Day 2 of competition, Xplosion showed everyone in Ft. Lauderdale what months and months of hard work will do, earning them a season high score (which we would find out about after the competition was over).  When awards came, tension was high, but we knew we did our best and left it all on the mat.

First was division winner, earning 1st place to Xplosion.  Then came the No Limit Zero Hero award, in which Xplosion was one of 3 teams who won this and will be getting No Limit Cheer Shoes in the weeks to come.  Finally, Grand Champions were announced and out of 15 prep teams, Xplosion was announced as the prep Grand Champions!!

The entire weekend was an experience that athletes, coaches and parents will never forget!  

There is no better way to wrap up a season, then to bring home 3 more banners and a trophy, bringing our season total to 36 banners!!

All of our athletes at TNT Elite All Star Cheerleading had an incredible season, from our Tiny Novice Firecrackers learning so many new skills and getting their first introduction in cheerleading, our Mini Novice Sparklers who won 3 Grand Champions throughout the season, as a brand new team, Junior Prep 2.1 Ignite winning a Grand Champion and Senior Prep 3.2 winning 3 Grand Champions.

Our athletes are now ready for the biggest and best season to come, Season 5.  Our coaches are already planning stunts and skills and our athletes are hard at work training on current and new skills.  TNT Elite All-Star Cheerleading is recognized by many other programs all over the country and we are ready for the challenge to bring outstanding athletes and performances to competitions in the seasons ahead.

If you are ready to Join the Family and be a part of this amazing program, click the link below to find out how you can register for Tryouts on May 20, 2022.  No experience is needed and our coaches are ready to teach you what you need to know to be an Elite Cheerleader.  We look forward to sharing more about our Season 5 teams in the weeks to come and more champion stories through Season 5.

On behalf of the coaches and staff, thank you to all the amazing athletes and parents for a truly unforgettable Season 4.

TNT Elite All-Star Cheerleading

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